When Roger Hodgson left Supertramp in the 1980s, he and Rick Davies agreed that each could perform their own compositions — but not each other’s. That’s why, despite the upcoming reissue of Crime of the Century, Hodgson won’t perform complete albums in his live shows.

Even though many Supertramp songs listed Davies and Hodgson as co-writers, much like Lennon and McCartney in the final years of The Beatles, the bandmates didn’t really write together. On his website, Hodgson explains, “Rick and the band didn’t believe in my philosophy in life, they have a very different philosophy than me — I express what life and love means to me, what God means to me, and I write about the human condition. This I what express in my song writing. Supertramp doesn’t believe in these things the way I do.”

Though Davies and Hodgson agreed to keep their music separate, Hodgson remains disappointed that Davies has since gone back on their deal.