Mott the Hoople drummer Dale “Buffin” Griffin is no longer able to care for himself, as Alzheimer’s continues to ravage his body.

A post on his website says, “Unfortunately, Dale’s condition is such that he now requires 24/7 professional care. He is well taken care of, but this must be terribly hard for his beloved family, bandmates and friends to deal with… Sometimes he is quite agitated and looks very concerned about something, [while] other times he sleeps virtually the whole time… He does wander around a lot, especially when he seems agitated, and sometimes can be a bit unsteady on his feet.”

Though Martin Chambers of The Pretenders handled drums for Mott’s 2010 reunion shows in England, Buffin was able to take the stage for a few songs. But he had to  sit out Mott’s last run in 2013 completely.