Save Your Shekels! Jimmy Page Needs Money!

Save Your Shekels! Jimmy Page Needs Money!

The final three Zeppelin CDs are getting the expanded-remastered-ridiculous edition release on July 31st.

Jimmy Page says this will close the door on studio material from the band (doubt it!). If you check out what they’ve released so far, you’ll understand that nobody produces Led Zeppelin, like Jimmy Page. But…don’t discount Eddie Kramer. He’s *every* bit the wizard on the board that Page is with a guitar. If you want a taste of what’s coming out on the remastered-expanded “Presence,” the folks over at Rolling have a sick version of “Hots On For Nowhere” posted. I suggest you check it out!

Meanwhile, the band have released (the previously unreleased) “Sugar Mama,” as a teaser. Enjoy!

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