Setting Sail.


MOODY BLUES: Hayward Is Looking to Set Sail




The Moody Blues are on the road, working their way down the East Coast, ending up in Florida at the end of the month. Then on April 2nd they board the MSC Divina for the second annual Moody Blues Cruise.

The band’s lead singer and guitarist Justin Hayward says, “I have to say, before the first one, I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do. Afterwards, I thought, ‘This is not about us so much. It’s about people that love The Moodies.’ This is a place where everyone can come together and it’s warm, it’s comfortable. So let’s hope it will be nice. It certainly was last time.”

In addition to a few concerts, Hayward will also do a solo set and the band will take part in a few Storyteller performances. “I enjoy the question and answer things,” says Hayward, “and the interaction with people just as much as I do the concerts, really.”

Joining the Moodies on this cruise will be Roger Daltrey, The Zombies, Carl Palmer and many others. There is a handful of cabins left. For information log onto or call (855) 622-3111.

The Moodies are in Nashville on Thursday at the historic Ryman Auditorium.

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