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Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock reveals the downside to touring with Iggy Pop

David Corio/Redfern

The Sex Pistols‘ original bassist, Glen Matlock, has performed with various artists over the years, including touring with Iggy Pop in the ’70s. In a new interview with the UK Times, he reveals there was one major downside to touring with Iggy.

Seems Iggy liked to flash the crowd, and Matlock pretty much had enough of it.

“The problem with flashing your willy on stage is that you have to get ready to flash your willy on stage,” he shares. “And he always did it in front of me. I got a bit fed up with seeing it, to be honest.” 

He added, “It’s not that impressive.”

Matlock also reveals he wasn’t a big fan of PistolDanny Boyle’s 2022 miniseries about the Sex Pistols, noting, “I was highly disappointed. John (Lydon) tried to stop it, I think because it was based on Steve’s (Jones) book and not his, and its portrayal of my leaving the band was totally not true.”

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