Sharon’s crusade.


 OZZY: Wife Boycotts Hotels




Sharon Osbourne has spent many nights at The Beverly Hills Hotel and The Dorchester in London, but no more. She’s boycotting them and asking that you do the same after their owner, the Sultan of Brunei, approved imposing the death penalty by stoning for those convicted of homosexual acts in his country.

She says, “He’s also approved the stoning of people convicted of adultery and the amputating of limbs for those caught stealing. These are the actions of a barbarian. Is this man going to start stoning certain hotel staff members and clientele now? I’ve never met the Sultan of Brunei, but I’ve met a couple of his children, one who in my opinion is a fabulously gay, adorable, and loving human being… I will no longer frequent any of the hotels owned by The Dorchester Collection. I implore all of you to stay away as well. Otherwise, all we are doing is feeding a madman’s empire. I know that his hotels are loved and frequented by millions of people, but if we all take a stand together we might help this situation. Would you please join me in boycotting The Beverly Hills Hotel and all Dorchester Collection Hotels?”

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