Every weekday morning from 6A-10A, Dave Farra and Jason Mahoney, along with co-host Audrey Drake, tackle anything and everything from sports, to pop culture, to all the weird and wild stories that happen every day across the country. These guys will give you a taste of it all!


Dave Farra lives a fast-paced lifestyle. Besides being a busy dad to 4 young kids (all under the age of 7), he occupies his time by running a production company, as well as being an on-air and live event host for brands like the NFL, World Poker Tour, UFC Fight Pass, etc.

When he isn’t working, Dave and his wife Brittney love chasing around their kids and doing their best at parenting. When he finally gets a break from all the chaos, Dave enjoys a nice glass of Justin Cab while watching the latest HBO / Apple TV+ show, boating, RV trips, weekend getaways to the mountains at their family cabin, and helping his daughters fish at the lake.

While he loves the fast-paced nature of big city business, he also enjoys embracing the quiet moments in life when he can.


Jason Mahoney is the type of guy who speaks his mind about any subject no matter how much or how little he knows about it and he thinks louder means righter… and that righter is an actual word.

He lives each day by his often repeated mantra of “Work Smarter. Not Harder.” His dream is to move into a retirement community before the age of 55. Outside work, he and his wife love going on Disney Cruises, playing Call of Duty, drinking craft beer and bourbon, smoking cigars, gardening, DIY home repairs, and taking weekly trips to Costco and Trader Joe’s.

He also has a massive rock vinyl collection that he inherited from his father, 20+ pairs of Jordan 13s that he never wears, and 100 Tommy Bahama and island-themed shirts that are his daily uniform.


Introducing the one and only Audrey Drake, a true Southern belle and all-star radio personality. After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Audrey has a wealth of knowledge in college basketball and holding down her beer.

With a comedic personality that always delivers quick and funny responses, Audrey has made a name for herself in the short time she’s been in the radio industry. Sure, being born and raised in a radio family may have given her an unfair advantage, but who’s counting? Audrey has developed an unmatched talent for creating engaging and entertaining content, and her favorite motto “life is content” is a testament to this.

While Audrey may not be the best at planning trips, she definitely excels at supporting and taking part in various charitable endeavors. She’s been involved in numerous fundraisers for projects such as JDRF, Wounded Warrior Project, AFSP, and Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation.

When not on the air, Audrey can often be found cuddling with puppies, cooking, working out, or traveling to new places and trying new foods. With an infectious personality and a heart for giving back, Audrey is truly an all-star.