Signs It Might Be Time to Dump Your Partner

Signs It Might Be Time to Dump Your Partner

It’s summer, which means it’s nice – sometimes – to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Someone to go to the beach with. Someone to take on a road trip.

But, if the relationship isn’t working, it could  ruin your summer – and pushing the eject button might be the better play.

Here’s a rundown of some signs it’s time to dump your boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • Lack of contact – If you’re not talking, calling, or texting, do you really have a girlfriend?
  • There’s no talk of the future – Maybe you both know that the relationship is doomed. If so, pull the plug and get on with your life.
  • Fighting dirty or fighting publicly – Fighting can be fun, but when it gets ugly or the fights happen in public, something is very, very wrong.
  • Yearning for independence – When all you want to do is be alone, it’s definitely time to be alone


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