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Slash dubs AC/DC's new 'Power Up' album a "great f***ing record"

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Slash is one of the many people digging the new AC/DC album, Power Up.

Speaking with Consequence of Sound, the Guns N’ Roses shredder calls the effort a “great f***ing record.”

“It’s a really inspired album,” Slash says. “I’ve had it in the car for the last couple of days and it’s probably gonna sit there for a while. It’s exciting for me.”

“I’m happy for them,” he adds. “I can’t wait for this [COVID-19] virus situation to end so we can go check them out on tour somewhere.”

Beyond both being iconic rock bands, AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses shared a lead singer when Axl Rose joined the “Highway to Hell” rockers for their most recent tour in place of Brian Johnson, who had to leave the band due to hearing issues. He’s now back in AC/DC, alongside the other surviving members of the classic Back in Black lineup: guitarist Angus Young, bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Phil Rudd.

“I obviously have a long history with AC/DC, and then Axl was singing with them for a minute when Brian was out, so we got reacquainted during that period,” Slash says. “So, the first bit of great news, I talked to Brian and he was telling me about this hearing [device] that he got, and that he’s back in AC/DC. And that was just f***ing awesome news.”

Slash also commends AC/DC for delivering Power Up following the 2017 death of Malcolm Young. In interviews, the band members have described the record as a tribute to Malcolm.

“The tragedy of losing Malcolm…the fact that Angus and company would survive that and keep it going, in the spirit of probably what Malcolm would have done, was great,” Slash says.

By Josh Johnson
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