Some Commercials that people are buzzing about…

On Sunday, almost as many people will be watching the Super Bowl for the ads as they will be for the football.

But according to a new study, the companies that put celebrities in their ads are wasting their money.

The going rate for a 30-second spot this year is $4 million – and celebrities can add as much as an extra $1 million to the cost of an ad, depending on the celebrity.

But on average, celebrity ads don’t work as well as ads that don’t feature celebrities.

The researchers, though, did find that not all celebrities are worthless. Ellen DeGeneres is a rare winner as she’s considered 60% more effective than the average celebrity. (Forbes)

If you haven’t seen Budweiser’s new “Puppy Love” Super Bowl ad, then you missed the most adorable thing on the Internet today.

Bob Dylan will be seen and heard in two Super Bowl ads Sunday.

The first is a Chrysler spot for its 200 model, the latest in a series of cinematic Super Bowl ads that have featured Clint Eastwood, Motown Records founder Berry Gordy and Eminem. The ad will also feature a Dylan song as its soundtrack. This is the second time Dylan has hawked a car line, having first appeared in a 2007 commercial for Cadillac.

Also on Sunday, Dylan’s “I Want You” will be heard in a spot for Chobani yogurt.

Volkswagen has released its hilarious Super Bowl commercial days before the big game.

Danica Patrick: Her 13th GoDaddy Super Bowl ad –What do you think?!?

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