Some more April Fools Day Prank Ideas….?!?

Some more April Fools Day Prank Ideas….?!?

It’s April Fools’ Day 2016 and we’ve got a bunch of ideas for you when it comes to pulling pranks on your friends, boyfriends and girlfriends. Whether you’re at school, at home or online, we’ve got some jokes for you to play today. Read on below.

– “Accidentally” send the wrong text to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Let’s say you’re dating a guy named Josh. Send Josh a text that says something like this: I told Josh I had to work later, so you can come over tonight if you want. Of course you need to set this up a little beforehand. If you’re going with this exact idea, then you need to tell your significant other that you can’t see them tonight because you have to work. Later on in the day, send them this text and enjoy the chaos … Don’t let this carry on for too long though because you might end up single if they can’t take a joke or have trust issues.

– Make a fake Instagram, online dating profile, Facebook page, etc. Use hot photos of someone “Catfish” style and then follow or “friend” a couple people you know. Whoever takes the bait will be your victim. Let the games begin.

– Get ahold of one of your friend’s cell phones. At this point you have a lot of power. You could send out texts to random people, their parents, or their co-workers. You could also send out fake emails or even change all the names in their contacts. The more time you have with the phone the better so try to keep your friend distracted. If you decide to change all the contact names in the phone, sometimes it’s fun to go with a theme. Make all the contact names Disney characters, celebrities, or just ridiculous words. Get creative.

– Two words: Confetti Bomb. Glitter or confetti bombs are kind of mean, so make sure the person has a sense of humor. Give a friend a sealed envelope, package, bag, whatever and make sure you overly tape it or secure it. The more forceful they have to be when opening it, the more the confetti will explode and spread.

So, how can you prank your teacher? – You can’t get away with the same things at school that you used to be able to … First, you need a teacher with a good sense of humor or one that you have a good relationship with. You also need to keep in mind that you should not do anything destructive. With that said, here’s a couple ideas … Leave a fake note on the teacher’s desk that they’ve been requested to report to the assistant principal, principal or one of your school’s superiors. Cover the classroom in post-it notes or aluminum foil. You’ll either have to get into the classroom ahead of time or be very quick. You could also hide all the chalk or dry-erase markers.

Good luck!