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Source: Phil Collins' ex-wife texted him — from a different room in the same house — to tell him there was someone else

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The ongoing saga of Phil Collins and his ex-wife Orianne Cevey gets stranger by the minute.

As previously reported, Phil and Orianne — who divorced in 2008 but reunited in 2016 — have been embroiled in a legal battle as a result of Orianne unexpectedly marrying another man this past August.  Now the New York Post has more details of what transpired between the former spouses.

An insider told the Post that Phil and Orianne’s two sons, Nic and Matthew, saw their mom “canoodling” with a man named Thomas Bates at a Fourth of July party. 

“Apparently the boys said, ‘Mom, you better tell Dad about this, or we will,'” the insider claims. But Orianne couldn’t bear to tell Phil in person, the insider dishes, so even though they were both in their Miami mansion at the time, she texted him, “I want to find happiness with somebody else, you have met him, his name is Thomas.”

This left Phil “shocked…and feeling like a bit of a fool,” a friend tells the Post, and the singer felt even worse after he found out Orianne had secretly married Bates in Las Vegas on August 2.

Phil subsequently tried to kick Orianne out of the mansion.  Eventually, she agreed to vacate, but the Post reports she’s now about to file a counterclaim in an attempt to be awarded half the value of the home.

In it, she plans to claim that Phil verbally promised to give her half the house if she left her previous husband Charles Mejjati, whom she married after she and Phil broke up the first time.

Meanwhile, Phil’s in the U.K. rehearsing with Genesis, and, the insider says, he’s watching things play out “with increasing disbelief,” adding, “He thought things were pretty good…then it all started unraveling.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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