To stream or not to streamthat is the question. And it’s one that Bono and post-country pop superstar Taylor Swift — who made news last week by taking her music off Spotify — seem to share opposite views on.

Speaking at the three-day Web Summit — held last week in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland — the U2 singer defended Spotify for its “transparency” while blasting record labels for their “historically” deceptive practices. He said “the real enemy is not digital downloads or streaming…the real fight is between opacity and transparency.”

Despite the complaints of some high-profile artists about Spotify meager royalty rate, Bono believes that while equitable payment “has yet to be figured out,” it could work itself out in time. He adds that “it’s an experimental period. Let’s experiment. Let’s see what works.” That said, he defended U2’s embedding their new album in iTunes, saying, “We got a lot of people who were uninterested in U2 to be mad with U2. And I would call that an improvement in the relationship!”

He also points out that U2 were paid for their efforts. He says music is “a sacrament, a sacred thing” to U2 and he thinks “artists should be paid way more than they are. But the greatest way you serve your songs is to get them heard.”

Source: The Guardian