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 TED NUGENT: Just Keeps on Talking and Talking and Talking




Ted Nugent and his gun-toting family will be at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting this weekend in Indianapolis — and he wants everyone to know about it.

He writes on his Facebook page, “Unless you have simply given up and fallen for the brainwashing that your life isn’t worth defending, for those of us who cherish our precious gift of life and the moral duty to defend it, the National Rifle Association represents the ultimate ‘We the people’ grassroots family organization that stands up for individual freedom and liberty. Unarmed and helpless is a pathetic, irresponsible condition, and without the mighty NRA, our God-given individual right to keep and bear arms would have already been lost to the evil gun grabbers and the violent criminals whose side they are on. We celebrate the 143rd annual NRA freedom party in Indianapolis, and the Nugent family will be there to let freedom ring. Take note Obama, [former New York City mayor Michael] Bloomberg and all you tyrant freaks, DON’T TED ON ME!”

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