For what is believed to be only the second time in their four-decade career, KISS was joined by a special guest on stage over the weekend.

Wearing a back-up pair of Paul Stanley‘s platform boots, part of his costume and little make-up on the right side of his face, Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen joined them for “Deuce” at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Saturday. The KISS-Def Leppard tour moves to Saratoga Springs, New York on Tuesday.

Prior to Saturday’s performance, the only other time KISS had been joined on stage by a special guest was in December 2003, toward the end of their tour with Aerosmith. Joe Perry, also wearing a pair of Stanley’s boots, came out for “Strutter” in Oklahoma City.

In other KISS news, Paul Stanley says we should be dealing with the Ebola virus contracted by missionaries in Africa over there rather than at a hospital in Atlanta. He says, “Send top doctors and equipment and treat our citizens with Ebola OVER THERE. Once here, we risk human error turning this into a U.S. catastrophe. NUTS.”