Springsteen Releases “Born To Run” – Aug. 25th, 1975

Springsteen Releases “Born To Run” – Aug. 25th, 1975

It’s hard to believe that 39 years ago, Bruce Springsteen released, perhaps, his greatest masterpiece.

Born To Run still sounds as fresh today as when it came out in 1975, and its emotion and drama, whether it’s a screen door slamming to the hungry and the hunted exploding into rock ‘n’ roll bands, still cuts straight to the heart.

The eight-track epic has made countless “Best Of” album lists and nearly every set list contains at least a couple of songs from this classic album.

But perhaps what makes Born To Run so memorable is the fact that The Boss had his back to the wall and was experiencing his own “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out.” This was make or break time for The Boss.  He needed his third studio release to be a hit, so much so, that he spent six months crafting the album’s title track.

Most would think spending that amount of time on one song would seem excessive, but as soon as the opening notes hit on “Born To Run,” every ounce of energy to make that song a reality was absolutely worth it.

Just watch this live performance of the track and judge for yourself.

Thanks again for this classic album, Boss.

Posted on 8/25/2014 12:00:00 AM by Erica Banas on WCSX 94.7 Detroit’s Classic Rock