During Queen‘s recent visit to Birmingham, England for a show, Brian May paid a visit to his friend of over 40 years, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi. In addition to dinner, the two also went out into the backyard for a little stargazing.

Iommi says, “We were having a nice meal and a chat when Brian said something like ‘crikey — it’s 10 O’clock — I need to go outside’. He said there was a comet coming over and he wanted to have a look so we went outside but all I had was an old pair of binoculars. Even then he told me to turn all the house and garden lights off because they were affecting the view. That was a right pain because I had go all over the house finding the switches.”

In addition to being a guitarist, May is also an astrophysicist.

In other Queen news, when the band played in Nottingham, England, they were visited by Freddie Mercury‘s mother, Jer, and sister, Kashmira.

The Queen + Adam Lambert tour is now on mainland Europe with a show tonight (Monday) in Paris, followed by Cologne, Germany on Thursday.