The Queen musical We Will Rock You may no longer be playing in London’s West End, but the 15-foot statue of Freddie Mercury that stood on the marquee of the Dominion Theater is still with us.

Ben Elton, who wrote the musical, says, “It’s in [Queen drummer] Roger Taylor’s garden, which I believe [Queen guitarist] Brian May is not happy with. Roger nicked it, literally. He hired a truck and just took it. Phil McIntyre [whose company co-produced the show] was up getting it off the roof and Roger said, ‘Drive it to my place.’ I think Brian was away. So, Roger stole Freddie from Brian.”

We reached out to Queen’s spokesman who acknowledges that the statue is in Roger’s yard, but offered no additional comment.

We Will Rock You played at the Dominion Theater in London from May 2002 to May 2014.