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 ROD STEWART: Still Gets His “Kicks” on Stage




One of Rod Stewart’s concert trademarks has long been kicking soccer balls into the audience. And even though he’s stopped playing what Europeans call football, he’s still kicking — while rocking — during his Las Vegas residence at Caesars Palace.

Stewart tells The Las Vegas Sun, “I’ve seen fights and blows, even between women [trying to grab a ball], although I don’t encourage that. It is extraordinary the lengths people would go to, to get a hold of a football, and I’ll see somebody in the audience that hasn’t applauded all night, they just sit there with their hands in their pockets — you get that sort of thing, you know. When the balls come they’re just up and jumping. I just look and I go, no chance mate, you’re not getting one.”

And while Caesars asked him, for safety reasons, not to aim for the balcony, he won’t give up that tradition. He says, “The show wouldn’t be the show if I stopped kicking out those footballs. It would be like not playing ‘Maggie May,’ you know.”

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