In a world obviously divided and filled with millions of opinions, there is one thing that pretty much everyone agrees on — getting old sucks. But then there is Judas Priest singer Rob Halford.

He says, “I love getting old, I really do. I just think that I embrace it because I’m a lucky guy. What a joy — a man of my generation being able to do this sort of thing. It’s just remarkable.”

Halford adds, “I’ve had a few health hiccups the last few years, but nothing as dramatic as some people go through in life and I’m grateful that I can still get up and do my work. I do it ’cause they keep coming back. I’m more like the Perry Como of heavy metal. No! Strike that. I’ll use a living person: I’m the Tony Bennett of heavy metal. There you go — use that. Which means I kind of glide across the stage these days.”

Halford will glide across the stage Tuesday night when Judas Priest performs in Lowell, Massachusetts.