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Studio 666!


Rock and roll mixed with HEAVY amounts of blood and guts…what’s not to like?   Seriously, I didn’t know what to think about the Foo Fighters making a horror movie.  I love this band–Dave Grohl is an incredible songwriter and they’ve all been doing this music thing a long time.   How can any of that translate onto the big screen?  Trust me… 2 minutes in, you are not gonna want to get off this ride.  Foo Fighters turn the recording of their 10th album into a nightmare that you will not recover from quickly.  I’m not entirely sure what demonic part of Dave Grohl’s creative brain envisioned this story but there’s scenes that remind you how much he LOVES horror films.   Yet, you will literally laugh out loud ALOT…. Dave in an apron grilling hamburgers is worth the price of admission alone.  And although each band member is “playing” themselves”,  they deserve mad props for delivering lines they’ve probably never said before!   It opens February 25th – rated R and worth your time.   MUST end this with a…….. “Pearl Jam” high five!