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Oh….Take Me Out to The Ball Game…Where are the Best Ballparks

I was floored when I saw Chase Field near the bottom of the list:  REALLY?!?  It’s got a state of the art retractable roof, it’s airconditioned, it’s clean, bathrooms (women’s; can’t speak for men’s) are remodeled. So why such a low score?  I guess it’s lacking the “old world charm”  that Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and the other top spot holders ... Read More »

Opening Night Bladder buster….

Usually the ladies lines at events are the worst!!! But the fans that attended the Cubs opener had to really test their bladder control. The Chicago Cubs weren’t the biggest mess at Wrigley Field last night. The real mess was off the field at the iconic ball park where fans were forced to endure a severe shortage of available restrooms. ... Read More »

Security Please….

D-BACKS GET NEW SECURITY MEASURES / WALK THROUGH METAL DETECTION AT CHASE FIELD IN 2015   The D-backs, along with all 30 Major League Baseball clubs, will require fans to walk through metal detection before entering Chase Field. Fans will be required to follow this procedure at D-backs exhibition games beginning this Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4. (Got 2 minutes ... Read More »