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The Passing of David Bowie

The rock world has lost a musical icon and legend. The sudden loss of David Bowie comes as a shock and as we learn that he had been battling cancer for the last year and half. For more details and the reactions by other famous musicians that new him, click here. Read More »

Record Store Day Special Releases

Robert Plant is one of a group of artists who unveiled Record Store Day release plans . He’ll offer previously unreleased live material on vinyl for the April 18th promotion. Plant’s More Roar, a three-track, 10-inch EP on Black Vinyl, will contain versions of “Turn It Up”/”Arbaden” and “Poor Howard” as well as a medley based around Led Zeppelin‘s “Whole Lotta ... Read More »

How the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and David Bowie Ran From the Taxman

Tax season is unpleasant for everyone (except for the IRS, that is). But imagine the plight of many popular British bands in the ’60s. In the U.K., the new millionaires had to pay a whopping 95 percent of their income in taxes. The Beatles’ George Harrison wrote “Taxman” to protest the unfair split: “There’s one for you, 19 for me.” ... Read More »