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Yay! Friday!

We made it! Hotter n’ hecka it is. But, we made it. Now…we get to enjoy a couple of days re-hydrating.    Let’s begin here… “That bowling ball!!…it’s my wife!” I would see this! Really? Blame Canada! Yes…but is it a Hattori Hanzo? Awwwwwwwwwww… Idiocracy, is real. Yummy?…or not? Probably a bad idea. Yeah…bad idea. This kid…gets it! This one…doesn’t. ... Read More »

Ladies, don’t lose your heads.

http://www.thefrisky.com/2015-06-06/minnie-mouse-and-hello-kitty-fight-in-times-square-are-arrested/?utm_source=sc-fb&utm_medium=ref&utm_campaign=times-square   Read More »

Thursday’s Forecast? A High Of A Hundred n’ Frumunda!

Yeah…it’s hot. I know. You can bake cookies on your dashboard. Thank you. You have to drive with oven mitts. Right. You should wear sunscreen. ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! Can we just stay in and bask in the A/C? (you should turn it down during ‘peak hours.’ Oh, SHUT UP!) Awwwwww… Love when folks have a good time! “I’m tired of these ... Read More »

Tuesday…Sticky, Sticky, Tuesday

We’ve been lucky. Let’s face it. We actually had a Spring this year. Forget about it. It’s actually *dangerous* to be outside too long right now. You’re better served by staying in, and checking out the stupidity I found for ya! I identify as “successful.” Just cuz’ ya’ say it…doesn’t make it true! Doh! This, is actually a thing! Mom! ... Read More »

So Monday…We Meet Again!

What a weekend! HUGE thanks to everyone who came out Saturday for both “Cause For Paws” & Aerosmith. Weekends like this, make Mondays like this that much harder. Hopefully, we’ll have some stupidity for you that will divert your attention from the fact that we’re back to work! We begin with, your smart-ass headline of the day. Just chillin’. Whatever. ... Read More »


…unless of course, you work weekends. Then, as the great American philosopher Flava Flav says, “I can’t do nuttin’ for ya man.” The Cult are in town. Check out what Billy Duffy told us yesterday. Liar Liar! I know it’s wrong…but how funny would it be to just poke different parts to see if the guy messes up? Good parenting? ... Read More »


Never understood the pronunciation. Nobody seems to question it…and I’m not *that* interested. That’s Wednesday right there! “S’cuse me…while I sue this guy!” This…might be the best drunken behavior of *all time!* Seth MacFarlane, is a WITCH! Is there a Ray’s Pizza in Portland. Cuz… Pineapples are *SO* good! Don’t *touch* my dog! When in Minneapolis, visit “Sex World.” It’s ... Read More »


And so…we find ourselves at another Tuesday. The prototypical “blow-off” day. It used to be that Tuesday, was the big “new music” day. But now…nobody buys new music. So, a lot of the appeal has diminished. Thankfully, we’re still goofing off at work. And I feel responsible to share that waste of company time, and resources…with you. Why not start ... Read More »


Love me some “short-week.” We’re already set to blow out of here. Honestly. Looks like the first truly “warm” weekend of the season. (What’s a season?) So…let’s not do anything stupid…like working. Pffft! Stop it! Happy he’s doing better. Can’t be easy to live on 86 million. Everyone’s a critic. Insert “Point Break” joke here. Soooo awesome. How do you ... Read More »