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The Loudest Band in the World Is Officially …

The loudness war has been fought and Metallica has emerged as the winner. Their 2008 album Death Magnetic has been judged to be the loudest album. But according to some experts, it’s nothing to be proud of. Production Advice, a blog written by mastering engineer Ian Shepherd, has put together a graphic comparing the dynamic ranges (DR) of 21 very ... Read More »

McCartney & Metallica confirmed for Lollapalooza 2015

Paul McCartney and Metallica have been announced as the headliners of Lollapalooza 2015. The festival takes place between July 31 – August 2 in Chicago’s Grant Park. They’re playing different nights, so sadly the “Helter Skelter” jam session you’re already dreaming about is probably not going to happen. According to Lollapalooza’s official site, McCartney will headline the Friday night lineup, which ... Read More »

Why Jason Newsted never had a chance in Metallica

Jason Newsted‘s time with Metallica coincided with their rise from the underground to one of the world’s biggest bands. But internally, the bassist’s time was difficult, enduring numerous pranks from the other three members and never feeling like an equal. Now, two experts suggest that, even though Newsted was in the band for 15 years, it was, in retrospect, doomed ... Read More »

James Hetfield on fear of turning 50

James Hetfield has triumphed over band turmoil, changing trends and even fire itself, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t afraid of anything. Take responsibility, for instance. The Metallica frontman opened up on the subject during a recent interview with Road Recovery (which you can watch above), admitting, “I’ve been afraid of responsibility my whole life, not wanting to take responsibility ... Read More »

‘Metallica Night’ to continue in 2015 for SF Giants fans

During the past two baseball seasons, the San Francisco Giants have invited hometown heroes Metallica out to perform for the crowd at a specially designated Metallica Night, and that tradition will continue in 2015. “A huge congratulations to our hometown San Francisco Giants, winners of the 2014 World Series,” writes the band at its official site. “Just as the festivities ... Read More »

Metallica calls on fans for Help

Metallica are asking their fans for help in assembling content for upcoming reissues of two of their earliest albums, 1983′s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ and 1984′s ‘Ride the Lightning.’ They’re hoping to put out deluxe editions of the CDs sometime next year. “We want it all!” the band writes on its website. “Did you manage to sneak a video camera into a show long ... Read More »