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Neanderpicks: Weeeeeeeeeek Fiver!

And so…we find ourselves at week 5. Hard to believe the season is going this quickly. I went a respectable 10-6 last week. Can’t complain. Can’t crow. But, I’m up for the season now to an overall of 36-29. Still digging out from the first week. But, getting there. Was bummed to see the Cards let one go last weekend. ... Read More »

Neanderpicks: Weak 4-3

Well, that’s more like it. After starting out the season abysmally, I had a nice week to recover, going 14-2 last week, to bring me to 26-23 for the season. No…it’s not great. But, that’s why we play the entire season before figuring out if it was a success. So, now that I’m about even, we can get into the ... Read More »

Neanderpicks – Weak Too!

Well…after one week, I got hammered! 6-10 is not a good way to go. And…I’m starting “Weak II” at 0-1 already of course, at least I’m not the Chiefs today. EGAD! That was terrible. *Almost* as terrible as my Raiders. Thankfully, the Cards look great, and they’ve got the hapless Bears Sunday.   In the spirit of redemption…I’m going to ... Read More »


WhooHooo! Football season is back! As has been the custom, I’m going to pick *every* game of the season. I usually do a better job than the “experts.” Let’s see how we go this year. Now keep in mind…spreads don’t matter. All that matters is winning. Nobody cares by how much. Just Win Baby! I already got the Pats game. ... Read More »