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Marc Maron Podcast With Keith Richards

Calling all Rolling Stones fans out there! Check out this wonderful interview Marc Maron did with the legend Keith Richards on his WTF Podcast. If you are at work be warned there are some f bombs that are dropped.  Make sure to listen to the 6 O’Clock Stoner every weekday with Pete Cummings. CLICK THE PHOTO TO LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW Read More »

How the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and David Bowie Ran From the Taxman

Tax season is unpleasant for everyone (except for the IRS, that is). But imagine the plight of many popular British bands in the ’60s. In the U.K., the new millionaires had to pay a whopping 95 percent of their income in taxes. The Beatles’ George Harrison wrote “Taxman” to protest the unfair split: “There’s one for you, 19 for me.” ... Read More »

Mick Jagger Is Still Hoping for Another Rolling Stones Album

Mick Jagger says he’s writing new songs during all of his recent concert appearances, and he’d love to see them show up on a Rolling Stones album some day. “I’ve got a lot of new songs, and songs I’ve written over the last couple of years,” he told Rolling Stone. “I’ve done really good demos for all of them, which I ... Read More »

Acoustic Stones “Wild Horses” video

Cool ‘lyric’ video of “Wild Horses” from Rolling Stones extended version of “Sticky Fingers” album coming out in May.  They say it’s an ‘unreleased’ version but it sounds like the same version as the album with electric guitar, solos, and Keith’s harmony vocals removed.  It’s still amazing and the video is cool, especially if you didn’t know the lyrics. http://classicrock.teamrock.com/news/2015-04-02/rolling-stones-wild-horses-unheard-lyric-video Read More »

Stones may play ENTIRE ‘Sticky Finger’ album on tour

There’s been no official word on whether the Rolling Stones will be touring North America this year. But as rumors pick up speed, a tasty new one has entered the mix: The band will reportedly perform Sticky Fingers in its entirety. According to Song Mango, the group is close to announcing more than a dozen tour dates for this summer. ... Read More »

2014: Stories of the Year

2014′s biggest rock music stories weren’t all the different from a typical year’s. There were comeback albums by long-dormant rock giants, some troubling brushes with the law, long goodbyes and a notorious motormouth calling the President of the United States a “subhuman mongrel.” OK, maybe that last one doesn’t happen every year, but from reunions to arrests to deaths, 2014′s ... Read More »

Four Classic Rockers on the Forbes Top 10 Highest Paid Musicians List

Thanks to their successful tours, four classic rockers — the Eagles, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney – wound up in the Top 10 on the annual World’s Highest Paid Musicians list. According to Forbes, the Eagles finished at No. 3 by taking in $100 million. Directly behind them were Bon Jovi ($82 million) and Springsteen ($81 million). McCartney, the ... Read More »

Bobby Keys Of The Rolling Stones Dies At 70

Sad news today as the world says farewell to a talented musician. Saxophonist Bobby Keys, most notable for his work with the Rolling Stones, has passed away today at the age of 70. Though he was never an official member of the band, Keys worked with the Stones consistently from 1964 through 1974 with the album “It’s Only Rock ‘n ... Read More »