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“And I’m bad-decision-making Starbucks”

Starbucks recently started encouraging their baristas to feel free to discuss race relations with their customers.  Seems like a risky idea, doesn’t it?  After all, what you’ve got is people who don’t know each other discussing race while holding scalding hot beverages!  Bad-decision-making Rob Lowe commented, “I don’t see how anything could go wrong with this….”   Read More »

Neil Young announces boycott of Starbucks

The next time you’re in line for a latte, don’t look for Neil Young. Young has taken to his official site to denounce Starbucks’ involvement in an ingredient-labeling lawsuit against the tiny state of Vermont. Headlined “GOODBYE STARBUCKS!!!,” Young’s post asks his fans to join him in standing against corporations that would shield important information about how food is made ... Read More »