A new book claims The Beatles paid hush money to the mother of two teenage girls found in John Lennon‘s hotel room during the band’s August 1964 shows in Las Vegas.

In The Beatles and Me on Tour, author Igor Davis says $10,000 was paid to a mother who was irate that her daughters were found in Lennon’s suite at the Sahara hotel. “They paid her off to keep her quiet. [It was felt that] cavorting with underage girls” could turn into a public relations disaster and that it “threatened to sink the entire American trip.” The girls weren’t the only temptations in Lennon’s room. Because the band could not leave the hotel due to their fans, slot machines were placed in each of their rooms, which led Lennon to joke, “Gambling is evil, like a preacher man.” Liberace also paid the band a visit. It’s doubtful he was a temptation.

The Las Vegas Convention Center, where The Beatles performed two shows on August 20th, 1964, will unveil a plaque tomorrow (Tuesday) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of those shows.