Telling His Story.


 JOE PERRY: Recording Audio Version of His Life Story




Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has been in the studio this week and last “reading my audio book for all of you who prefer audio books.” The third member of the band to tell his story, he says the book tour will “begin around the release date of October 7th.”

The two members of Aerosmith not to tell their tale are guitarist Brad Whitford and bassist Tom Hamilton, although Hamilton is toying with the idea. “I think that no matter how many come out, there is always going to be an appetite for people to hear the stories from a different perspective,” says Hamilton. “So, that might be something that would be fun to do. I would have to hire somebody or a coach to make me sit down everyday and write. I’ve seen everything from day one and I try to see both sides of everything as well. That’s probably my role in the band, to be in the middle. So, that may give me a little bit of an advantage of writing about situations that had gone on.”

Aerosmith published their autobiography, Walk This Way, in 1997. Drummer Joey Kramer was next with Hit Hard in 2009, and Steven Tyler followed in 2011 with Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?

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