Well…we made it. Unfortunately, today begins with the sad news of the passing of B.B. King. Having briefly lived in Memphis, I can tell you how beloved he was in that town. Beale St. has good reason to play the Blues today.

Be that as it may, let’s get into some Friday dumbosity…

It’s a nice start.

This, is pretty cool!

Scariest he’s been in a while 🙂

We talked a bit about this. So many things done wrong here.

I for one, welcome our new Chickenasaurus overlords.

We can neither confirm, nor deny reports that, prior to the “assault with a delicious weapon,” the boy shouted “F*CK THE RAINBOW!”

Completely understandable.

What the HELL is “Clamato?”

“She wouldn’t hurt a bug.”

Sort of an “eye for an eye”-type deal.

Just trying to help.

One of my favorite Who songs.

I didn’t appreciate this band at the time.

So…it’s an autobiography.

How happy is Sonic right now? ’bout now?


Finish him!”

…and finally,

“Can you get me off the hook, Tom? For old times’ sake?

Have a great weekend & thanks for listening!