He says, “It’s becoming harder and harder to agree on what the next step should be for us… We made this decision to do this 40th anniversary tour. It was a difficult decision to come to, but we’re committed to doing that now and we’re gonna make it awesome.” But when we asked if he wants Rush to record a new album, he said, “Definitely… I feel like we got tons of mojo still and I would like to demonstrate that.”

Ultimately, Geddy doesn’t believe the guys are ready to hang it up. “I think after this tour settles, sooner or later the guys are gonna be hungry to be creative and hopefully that will bring us all back to the studio. I think we just have to much fun and too much respect for each other not to.”

The last Rush studio album was 2012’s Clockwork Angels. They start their R40 tour on May 8th in Tulsa, Oklahoma.