The End?


 AC/DC: Future Is Indeed in Doubt




While AC/DC is not talking about the report that rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young is not well and that the band’s future is in doubt, a friend of the band is.

Mark Gable, the singer in the Choirboys and a friend of Malcolm and his brother Angus, says, “It’s not just that [Malcolm] is unwell, it’s that it is quite serious. It will constitute that he definitely won’t be able to perform live. He will probably not be able to record.” Malcolm reportedly suffered a stroke.

As for the future of the band, earlier this year singer Brian Johnson said the band plans to enter a Vancouver studio next month to begin work on new material followed by a tour. And, Gable adds that that is not out of the question. “There was speculation that they had this even tacit agreement that if no member currently was able to perform, DC would cease. However Alex Young’s son Stevie replaced [his uncle] Malcolm a few years back for a tour, and nobody knew the difference.”

Malcolm is 61 and the third oldest member of the band after Johnson, 66, and bassist Cliff Williams, 64. Angus and drummer Phil Rudd are 59.

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