Bob Dylan has done his first interview in three years with an outlet aimed at the older set — AARP Magazine.

Dylan says he’s been wanted to do a standards album like Shadows in the Night “ever since I heard Willie [Nelson]’s Stardust record in the late 1970s. All through the years, I’ve heard these songs being recorded by other people and I’ve always wanted to do that. And I wondered if anybody else saw it the way I did.”

He also says he wanted to speak with AARP because the over-50 audience would connect with this batch of songs, adding that “a lot of those readers are going to like this record. If it was up to me, I’d give you the records for nothing and you give them to every [reader of your] magazine.”

Dylan also revealed why he dislikes the whole interview process. “The last time I did an interview, the guy wanted to know about everything except the music. People have been doing that to me since the ’60s — they ask questions like they would ask a medical doctor or a psychiatrist or a professor or a politician. Why? Why are you asking me these things?”

Showdows in the Night comes out on February 3rd.