Super Bowl parties are awesome because they’re all about food, drink, and football.

Unfortunately, some parties are attended by annoying people that can take some of fun out of the affair.

Here’s a rundown of some of the worst people to have at your Super Bowl party:

  • Girl Who Wants to Put on Music – People who don’t like football might not actually realize how long the Super Bowl lasts. A few hours into it, they’re drunk enough to want to turn off “the boring game” and put on some party music.
  • Guy Who Hates Sports – Some guys are born with the “sports gene,” and some aren’t. Having a guy who hates sports over for the party isn’t a problem unless he starts complaining about the brutality of the game and arguing about politics.
  • Guy Who Brings Nothing – Any guy who shows up empty handed to this party deserves a kick in the pants.
  • Guy Who Can’t Handle Losing – Having your team lose the Super Bowl is a devastating experience, but some guys can handle it better than others. If you have an emotionally unstable friend who needs his team to win, invite him at your own risk. (GuyCodeBlog)

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