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Tommy Lee's car turned into 'Andro' cover to promote new solo album

Credit: Myriam Santos

Tommy Lee‘s car is helping promote his upcoming new solo album, Andro, though he doesn’t seem all that thrilled about it.

In a video posted to Lee’s TikTok, the Mötley Crüe drummer’s wife, Brittany Furlan, leads him out to their driveway with his hand covering his eyes. When he uncovers his eyes, he sees that Furlan has repainted his car with the Andro album cover design.

“Now you can drive it around, do all your own promoting!” Furlan exclaims as Lee stares in disbelief.

“What is wrong with you?” Lee responds, though we think he may be playing up the anger for the camera.

“My album Andro comes out Friday and my wife wanted to help,” Lee wrote in the caption, alongside a facepalm emoji. “Thanks honey.”

By Josh Johnson
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