Tour Cancelled.


 FLEETWOOD MAC: Original Guitarist’s Tour Canceled




Founding Fleetwood Mac member Jeremy Spencer has canceled his U.S. tour, which was scheduled to start last week.

The guitarist released a statement saying, “I have recently been under considerable stress due to unrelenting demands on my life and time. It has now resulted in potentially serious health problems for which I am compelled to return to Ireland for treatment. I am distraught over having to postpone what was to be a memorable tour.”

But now a report says he pulled the plug over his membership in Family International, the religious cult he left Mac to join in 1971. Spencer’s U.S. record label, Blind Pig, says he was getting threats and “decided for his own safety to return to his home in Ireland.” Family International, once known as Children of God, was often criticized for free-love practices that reportedly included members and their children. The child-advocacy group Safe Passage Foundation claims its online petition forced the cancellation. Posted at, the petition calls Spencer a “a child-abuser unworthy of your support. STOP the Jeremy Spencer U.S.A. tour.” More than 320 people signed it.

Spencer launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the release of his album, Coventry Blue, and the tour. 111 people pledged, raising more than the $10,000 he was looking for, but all of that money will be returned. Spencer will instead sell the rewards he’d offered, including 10 art prints — but Kickstarter contributors will get first crack.

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