The music world is mourning the loss of legendary guitarist Johnny Winter who died on Wednesday in Switzerland at the age of 70. Among those paying their respects are:

Joe Perry: “Personally and for everyone else this is a sad day. Johnny was a true bluesman through and through. He was looking forward to the release of his new album, Step Back [which Perry plays on]. He was playing better than ever. He was on the road looking forward to his next gig in true bluesman tradition. He will be missed the way we miss Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley and John Lee Hooker. But like them, his music will live on forever.” 

Michael Anthony: “I am deeply saddened… He was a huge influence on me growing up playing music. I played many of his songs in bands (even in Van Halen) and I saw him in concert many times. Thank you for the music Johnny, you will be deeply missed.”

Leslie West: “A very sad day for guitar players everywhere, and me especially. We were good friends. He was on my latest album, Still Climbing, and I am on his soon to be released album, Step Back. Very Sad.”

Tommy Shaw: “Mississippi born, Texas raised, his fast and loose blues guitar and vocal style inspired many a young musician like me who wondered what it might be like to dig down so deep and unleash that kind of soul power. It’s just as inspiring listening to him today as the news of his passing sets in. Rest in Peace Johnny Winter.”

Styx bassist Ricky Phillips: “At a time when British rockers dominated my early record collection, along came the Winter brothers. Johnny had a Texas slant on the authentic American blues tone and feel that the Brits had been trying to cop for years. His allegiance was more aligned with his love of the blues but the man could seriously rock. I’ll forever be a fan.”

John Fogerty: “Saddened to hear the news about the passing of Johnny Winter. I had the pleasure of spending time with him a few days ago at the Clam Rock Festival in Klam, Austria [his last show]. Today, we have lost one of the blues greats.” (Fogerty posted a photo on his website of him and Winter from Saturday’s show.)

Nikki Sixx: “So bummed to hear about Johnny Winter’s passing. I spent many, many years soaking up his music late into the night.”

Paul Stanley: “RIP JOHNNY WINTER. We have lost one of the absolute greats. What a player. Thank you for all the fire.”

Ringo Starr: “God bless Johny Winter.”

Carl Palmer: “Johnny Winter played shows with ELP in the ’70s. He was a great guitarist and an absolute gentleman. He will be missed.”

Billy Gibbons: “When I first saw him play I was, maybe 12 or 13 years old and he was known as ‘Johnny Cool Daddy Winter’ and we’ve always thought of him as exactly that: one cool daddy. Both as a musician to whom we all look up to and as a dear friend we celebrate his brilliance that is now frozen for all time. We’ve lost one of the greats of the guitar and a truly soulful spirit.”

We reached out to Eric Clapton, who also plays on Winter’s new album, Step Back, but his spokeswoman tells us, “He will keep his thoughts private.” Winter performed at Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2007 and 2010.