U2 Performs For First Time Since Bono’s Bicycle Accident

U2 Performs For First Time Since Bono’s Bicycle Accident

While the band likely wished it was under better circumstances, U2 performed at the funeral service for legendary Irish radio DJ Tony Fenton on Monday (March 16th), marking the first time the band have performed together since Bono’s bicycle accident in November 2014.

Per The Irish Times, Fenton was an early supporter of U2, and when he found out that his prostate cancer was terminal, Fenton began planning his funeral himself and asked if the band would perform “Ordinary Love.”  They, of course, obliged, proving both how much U2 respected Fenton and how much Fenton is respected in Ireland.

This performance is definitely promising news for U2 fans who have tickets to the band’s upcoming world tour that kicks off May 14th in Vancouver.  Bono hasn’t made many public appearances since his November 2014 bicycle accident, which required the singer to undergo surgery to repair fractures of his orbital, elbow, left shoulder blade and his pinky finger on his left hand.  Three metal plates and 18 screws were needed to mend all of Bono’s injuries; so needless to say, the recovery process hasn’t been the most pleasant.

U2 have also just added a new Denver date to the North American leg of their world tour.  For a complete list of dates, go to U2.com.

Story by Erica Banas | Photo courtesy of 94.7 WCSX Detroit | Read More: http://www.wcsx.com/gmi/classicrocknews/2015/03/18/u2-performs-for-first-time-since-bonos-bicycle-accident#.VQnS_fnF85M