u2 time

So just what was Bono getting at when he said that U2 is working with Apple on a new music format?

Bono recently said they’re hoping that the new format that will entice music fans to buy music, including complete albums. But Billboard now quotes a source who says, “It’s not a new format, but rather a new way to package and present an album. This is focused on creative advances, versus shifts in technology.”

U2 are featured on the cover of the international version of Time, and one of things they were asked about was their earliest memory of a new event. Bono said it was the first landing on the moon. For The Edge, it was the break-up of The Beatles. And drummer Larry Mullen Junior said it was the death of Elvis Presley — which led Bono to say that The King will be pictured on the cover of their new album, Songs of Innocence, when it’s released next month.