Mick Jones made a startling admission concerning the medical crisis that caused him to stop performing in 2012. During a CBS Sunday Morning segment on Foreigner, Jones — who turned 70 on Saturday — said the report of a heart valve problem wasn’t his only problem. It was a bad prescription that virtually disabled him.

Mick Jones describes what forced him to put his career on hold. OC: …on a stage again. :18 [courtesy – CBS News]

“A virtual nervous breakdown, brought on by a bad prescribing of medication. It was a very dark time. I literally didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know who I was. I mean, I honestly never thought I’d play on a stage again.”



How serious was it? Jones says he “lost the ability to play chords, briefly for a couple of months.” It was a terrifying time. The intervention of his family — especially his brother who got Mick playing guitar again — started his road back.
Now he’s healthy again and touring with a new lineup in Foreigner, including vocalist Kelly Hansen in place of co-founder and long-time writing partner Lou Gramm. Jones says, “Sometimes I think wow, what a gift to have regained.”