U2 seem to be moving in mysterious ways at the moment — at least if you believe the Irish press.

First, there was the closing of the Thomas Beckett Bridge in Dublin late last week, which local media believe was tied to an unconfirmed video shoot. The Dublin newspaper Anglo-Celt offered a number of reasons why U2 is thought to be behind the bridge shut-down. They were told the shoot was for an “up-and-coming band” called “Summer Nights,” a phrase in the lyrics of “With or Without You.” Also, someone got a photo of a clapperboard that was used there, which had the name M. Romanek on it. Video director Mark Romanek helmed the band’s clip for “Invisible” earlier this year.

Then on Monday, more secret filming took place, this time outside the city. That shoot ended with a large fireworks display over Lough [pr: Loch] Sheelin, a lake in County Cavan [pr: KAH-vuhn]. Anglo-Celt reported that their attempt to contact the pyrotechnics company was unsuccessful, and the production company for the shoot refused to comment on it.