Vinyl Album Side With Russ Egan

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – A classic radio station in Phoenix is bringing back vinyls.

Yes, those discs with the circular grooves that play music.

Russ Egan, who is 100.7 KSLX-FM’s weeknight radio personality, wanted to add a different element to his evening show. So, he decided to spin things up, and bring back vinyl records.

“I thought let’s play a vinyl album side, ’cause I’ve done that at stations in the past, and enjoyed stations in the past that have done that themselves,” said Egan.

The team was immediately on board with his idea. Soon after, Egan dug up a turntable and his old vinyl records. He says it was like a trip down memory lane. “It’s like opening up a book,” said Egan. “You can smell it. You can feel it. You remember so many things from the last time you listen to the record.”

Egan hopes the vinyl records will bring back those same memories for his listeners. After working with a digital system for so long, however, Egan admits getting back to spinning records was a bit challenging.  “Playing the records, it’s fun to do it in small doses, but I wouldn’t want to go back full time and start playing records, with the exception that it just feels and sounds so much better,” said Egan.

Fans, meanwhile, are liking the switch-up. “Usually, there are people who don’t like anything all the time, and you hear from them all the time, but this time, no negative responses. Everybody’s been positive,” said Egan.

The Vinyl Album Side can be heard Monday-Friday at 10pm on 100.7 KSLX.