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Watch Dave Grohl eat spicy wings — and complete a life goal — on latest episode of ‘Hot Ones’

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Dave Grohl is the latest person to enter the ring of fire on Hot Ones.

The Foo Fighters frontman guests on the latest episode of the popular YouTube show, in which host Sean Evans asks celebrity guests different questions as they attempt to eat hotter and hotter chicken wings.

Being something of a barbecue expert himself, Grohl handled the heat level pretty well in-between sharing stories about his belief in UFOs and his various onstage injuries. During the 30-minute conversation, Grohl also revealed that he’s a huge Hot Ones fan, and compared the experience of appearing on the series to playing Saturday Night Live and David Letterman‘s show.

“For years, I’ve watched…[Hot Ones], and I finally walked onto this set and saw those sauces and saw your face, I was, like, ‘Yes! Bucket list, bam!'” Grohl told Evans. “The only thing I have left to do in my life is jam with AC/DC.”

Grohl, of course, also gave a shout-out to the upcoming Foo Fighters movie Studio 666, which premieres in theaters Friday.

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