Never understood the pronunciation. Nobody seems to question it…and I’m not *that* interested. That’s Wednesday right there!

“S’cuse me…while I sue this guy!”

This…might be the best drunken behavior of *all time!*

Seth MacFarlane, is a WITCH!

Is there a Ray’s Pizza in Portland. Cuz

Pineapples are *SO* good!

Don’t *touch* my dog!

When in Minneapolis, visit “Sex World.” It’s a *very* real place.


“See what happens Larry? You see what happens, when you find a stranger in the Alps?”

Scarier than coming face-to-face with an Elk.

There are limits, to what people should buy as memorabilia. This…is beyond them.

I don’t get it.

Free Dunks Friday!

I used to eat Chef Boy-Ar-Dee right from the can. What I’m saying is…Chimps > Me.

Are you reading this, Ray’s?

On a related note…Your cat would kill you, if they could.

Lawsuit in 3…2…

“I’m tired of these monkeyfied snakes…eating my monkeyfied eggs!”

…and finally,

This, is one of those situations where I root for a biting incident.

Enjoy your day! Thanks For Listening!