Love me some “short-week.” We’re already set to blow out of here. Honestly. Looks like the first truly “warm” weekend of the season. (What’s a season?) So…let’s not do anything stupid…like working. Pffft! Stop it!

Happy he’s doing better.

Can’t be easy to live on 86 million.

Everyone’s a critic.

Insert “Point Break” joke here.

Soooo awesome.

How do you know if it’s stoned? They always look like that.

Can’t say I blame them.

This can’t be hygienic.

Feel free to quit.

Of course, forever now, we have to hear who did it first.

U mad bro?

I love this show.


Some people get hernias from sneezing too hard. Not this guy.

Six thousand dollars worth.

It’s not going to be the same. I just hope it’s good.

I’ve had it for years. But, don’t watch that much. I guess $8.61/month isn’t enticing enough.


That’s right! Your Congressmen, working to make life better for their constituents.


In a related story…many people have humorous reactions to bad tattoos.

Not quite as funny as if he’d gone “grabblin‘”

…and finally,

A belated Happy Birthday to Sarah Jessica Parker!


Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for listening!