You made it! Another work-week has come to an end (with all apologies to those who work the weekend). We spent the day screwing around. That’s what you do on Fridays…right? If not, you may have the wrong frame of mind working. Good thing we’re here to set you straight. Here’s some of the stuff we talked about today. Plus, a few things we couldn’t get away with on the air. Damned decency laws! In any event, appreciate the continued kind words. We’re having a blast! If you want to follow the show in real-time, you can! Thanks for spreading the word as well. You rule!

Of course he is!

Get well Ozzy!

What do 584,000 calories look like?

The epitome of irony

Insert “lactose intolerant” joke, here!

“This tastes like sh*t!

Well…he has a point. He just shouldn’t have opined upon hers.

Pure. Awesome!

My guess is, this will be on *every* viral video TV show very soon.

Revenge is a dish best served with extra napkins

This would *never* happen during Bike Week!

Enjoy Your Weekend!