The idea to name Led Zeppelin‘s sixth album Physical Graffiti — which was re-released yesterday, 40 years to the day after its original release — was all Jimmy Page. He tells us he expected everyone to look at him in a “blank way” when he suggested the title, but he says the rest of the band said, “That’s really great. That’s it. It’s Physical Graffiti.”

It was also Page who had the idea to make the album sleeve interactive, similar to the wheel concept from the cover of Led Zeppelin 3. Featuring two apartment buildings on St. Mark’s Place in New York City, the original album jacket included four covers made up of two inner sleeves for each disc, a middle insert cover and an outer cover. The inner covers depict various objects and people including photos of Robert Plant and road manager Richard Cole in drag on each window. The outer cover has die-cut windows on the building, so when the middle cover is wrapped around the inner covers and slid into the outer cover, the title of the album is shown on the front cover, spelling out the name Physical Graffiti.

The two buildings were also featured in The Rolling Stones‘ video for “Waiting on a Friend.”