Workforce Payroll

Workforce Payroll_graphic 2017
 You want a job with no background checks…
that will never be outsourced to China..
and where the only qualification is
that you listen to 100.7 KSLX all day at work?

Go to, fill out an application,
and listen to hear your name announced
from 8AM to 5PM weekdays,
every hour will begin with a new name.

When you hear YOUR name,
call us back within TEN MINUTES and
you’ll get on the WORKFORCE PAYROLL at $100 an hour!

It’s that easy! And if the next hour’s person
does NOT call back within 10 minutes,
you will stay on the Payroll for another hour,
earning you another $100!

It’s the BEST job in The Valley…The Workforce Payroll
Weekdays from 8AM to 5PM
On The Valley’s Classic Rock Station…100.7 KSLX!

Official Rules

Hey! Did You Call My Name?!

Workforce Payroll Employees clocked-in and cashed out!

*Make Sure To Fill Out The Entire Form*

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